Common Pattern of Life Change for Everyone

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Good thinking helps us eliminate the lousy part of a common pattern everyone experiences in life. The pattern occurs over and over in our life. The outcome of each occurrence leads either to a better life or one that suffers additional consequences.

The Common Pattern

Here is the common pattern. It has three simple statements:

  • I was living this way. 
  • Then one day THIS happened.
  • Now I live my life this way.
Common Pattern of Life Change for Everyone

Upon closer inspection of your life changes, the common pattern shows more details. Adding the details, it becomes like the following:

  • I was living this way. 
  • Then one day THIS happened.
  • It happened again.
  • ...and again,
  • ...and again...
  • Then I figured out what was going on!
  • Now, I live my life this way."

Take a minute to think about your life. Consider some categories like money, work, relationships, spiritual, or physical. For any of those categories, think about what you believe now and reflect on what you used to believe.

What happened that moved you to change?

What THIS happened?

Do You See This Pattern in Your Life?

Reflecting on your life, you will see this common pattern multiple times. Unfortunately, sometimes the pattern follows a downward trend like the red arrow in the above picture. Other times, it follows the green arrow.

The direction of your life is totally dependent on what THIS is! That means THIS is either something good or something bad, right?

And the question marks "?" in the pattern represent times the wrong choice was made. So, your life is continuing to go in the wrong direction, or you will make a different choice this time.

So, What is THIS?

It would be easy to tell you now, but it is better to understand some additional information about your options. For each of the times "it happened" or "happened again," you have 3 Options for Change

And, finally, when you understand what THIS is, you will have a great chance to end up on the green arrow, not the red.


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