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GR8 Leaders is where emerging leaders, experienced executives, home leaders, small business owners and people that want to advance their careers come to learn and get ideas on:


Learn how to get results while valuing and developing people


Learn how help people execute with excellence using self-governance


Learn how to build and develop teamwork and collaboration


Learn how to innovate and change as part of a normal process


Learn to communicate with clarity, candor and persuasion

Each of the above represents an essential leadership capacity. You can click one of the links above to get free access to our growing number of posts covering each those capacities.

​Or, click here to see the many topics that are available in our Store covering each capacity.

Does the world really need another site about leadership?

Of course not!

In fact, it doesn’t need most of the ones it already has…

But here’s what makes GR8 Leaders different.

In a sea of leadership websites and career growth blogs, GR8 Leaders is focused on the proven, practical and powerful elements of leading - the ways to make leadership SIMPLE. In other words, this isn't theoretical, academic research...THIS STUFF WORKS!!

​A FOUR year case study showed that...

  • 79% improved their selected leadership behaviors
  • 69% improved their overall leadership behaviors
  • 97% agree or strongly agree that “GR8 LEADERS is a worthwhile investment for the company.”
  • 96% agree or strongly agree that “GR8 LEADERS is important to my work.”
  • 92% agree or strongly agree that “I am confident in applying the knowledge/skills I am learning immediately back at work”.
  • 94% agree or strongly agree that “I am a more effective leader as a result of applying the knowledge/skills learned thus far in GR8 LEADERS.”
  • 81% agree or strongly agree that “Applying the content of GR8 LEADERS is critical to my job success.”

Best of all, we have a complete "tool chest" of courses, principles, and tools available to help the newest to the most experienced leader. And, we are looking at ways to make it even simpler to access so you can go directly to the information you need RIGHT NOW!

You can get it all right now by clicking below.

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