Leading with Freedom and Choice

Freedom and Choice

Freedom and choice are essential to being a great leader, but the common approach to leadership uses control either through manipulation or domination.Imagine a large dog trotting eagerly toward the house. He has been out chasing rabbits, and has worked up quite an appetite. As he approaches the porch where his food bowl sits, he […]


BIGGEST Mistake in Goal Setting – Planning Too!

Biggest Mistake in Goal Setting

What would you say is the biggest mistake in goal setting? Would you say it is a goal that is not specific or has no clear metric? Maybe it is when a goal is focused on actions instead of a clear end result.Yes, those are problems, but they aren’t the biggest mistake in goal setting. […]


Conflict Cycle – Repeating or Resolving

Conflict Cycle

If you fear conflict, it is most likely because you have a wrong view of it. Most people fear conflict and see it as something they have no desire to participate in. And, the conflict cycle creates much of the dread and negative emotions. Without good skills and a proper view of conflict, it turns […]


Coach Others to Excellence Using 4 Secret Ingredients

Coach Others to Excellence Uses 4 Secret Ingredients

Coaching others to excellence requires 4 secret ingredients – MOT (Moment of Truth), THP (There, Here, Path), ALA (Act, Learn, Adjust), and Persist. Moment of Truth (MOT) uses the structure of the other 3.  MOT encourages performance excellence and you dramatically enhance your ability to lead and coach when you use MOT. But, MOT is just […]


Great Teams Deal with the PROBLEM!

Great Teams Deal with the PROBLEM

Great teams or collaborative results are critical for most organizations. if you haven’t read The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni, please do. He provides excellent insight into the 5 mistakes that hurt teams and teamwork. Here is his list altered slightly.- Lack of trust- Unclear or wrong goals- Lack of accountability- Lack […]


Powerful Relational Leaders Use Proportion Not Balance

Powerful Relational Leaders Get Long-term Results

Powerful relational leaders are all about getting results AND developing people. When you are a powerful relational leader you understand the critically simple point that people get results! Of course, both new and seasoned leaders, wrestle with how much they should get results from the people and how much they need to relate to the people. […]

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