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Slow Down! Remember the Control Boomerang

Slow Down

One of the best ways to help yourself to stop controlling is to simply slow down. When you do that, you also need to remember the control boomerang that is about ready to hit you. Remember what we say about most control people? They are…Good People Up to No Good! When we control, there often is a […]


Boomerang Effect – Controlling Leads to Being Controlled

The Boomerang Effect - Controlling Leads to Being Controlled

Trying to control almost always ends up with a boomerang effect. The person controlling ends up being controlled. Is that what is happening with you? If you want to know if you are trying to control, the boomerang effect is a good sign that you are. Most of us who are control freaks, find it difficult […]


Obligation or Freedom – Have To or Want To?

Obligation and Have To

What happens to you when you sense that you “have to” do something? Think about that Saturday that you get to do whatever you want – it is very easy to get out of bed!  But, those days that you “have to” do those awful chores, it takes effort to get out of bed. There […]


Listening and Asking Questions – 2 Underrated Leadership Skills

Listening and Asking Questions

Seldom will you find listening and asking questions as important skills for leaders. Why? Because, most leadership training focuses on speaking and persuasion.  Think of it this way – many people make a living providing speeches for organizational events. Being a persuasive, fun speaker is highly valued. For events that you have attended, they will often have […]


Act – Learn – Adjust Because Perfect Plans Don’t Exist

Act - Learn - Adjust

It’s time to Act –  Learn – Adjust! If you created a clear THERE, clear HERE and the PATH with a Personal Planning Form that is a great first step for getting things done. That plan is your initial thoughts on how to get THERE. Now, action is required for results. THP helps you create a […]


Great Plans Start With A Clear THERE!

Great Plans Have A Clear THERE

One of the first things needed to change or radically change your life or organization is identify your THERE! Great inventions, great plans, great achievements are the result of a clear THERE. Okay, here is the definition of THERE – your desired end result. THERE is what you want to create or achieve. It is your […]

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