Leaders Value People AND Results (V1 Course 1 Overview)

A Principle and A Formula

... starts by asking a question about which is better – Results or Relating? It’s a critical question for leaders. The wrong proportion or exclusion of either element often damages the effectiveness of the leader. With that principle in mind, leaders will utilize a Formula for Great Leaders more effectively – Values + Plan + Execute + Follow-up = Great Leaders.


...like valuing and developing people, not making everything about “ME”, being a catalyst, and coaching are critical foundations for leading.


...with great values, the Plan can be established using the THP Process (There, Here, Path) and the Compass. Organizational plans need to start with Purpose, Core Values, Brand Promise, Leader Behaviors, and Strategy. Next Strategic and Operational Priorities are established. Finally, the Goals are created to help the organization measure progress toward the Purpose.


...because planning is not enough, action toward the end result is needed. Learning and adjusting from each action taken is the most effective means of executing a plan. Plans cannot know all of the possibilities, so learning and adjusting are critical. Finally, Follow-up is imperative for progress, momentum and finishing

Values and Vision Exercise

...helps leaders identify personal values, understand what happens when those values are ignored, and consider ways to monitor how well those values are being exhibited.

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