Better Thinking About Change and Failure

You'll see the importance of being a catalyst and what that means. GR8 Leaders gives you the tools to be a catalytic leader and how handle change and failure. You'll learn how to help people that are resisting change by digging in their heels. More importantly, you will learn how to work with those who are ready to change. 

Confidently Deal with Mistakes and Change

There are common leadership mistakes and fatal ones. GR8 Leaders know the fatal mistakes and steer clear of them. And, when you make mistakes, you recover by owning it and apologizing with the 4A process. GR8 Leaders are real and commit themselves to change and improve. That gives people a much better chance to respect you as a leader. 

Help Other Adopt Change

People tend to fall into 3 categories when change is needed - Early Adopters, Undecided Majority, and Resisters. A GR8 Leader knows how to deal with all 3 and where to spend the most time. You job is to help them smoothly transition to the new state that is needed.

Learn to See Failure Differently

You will learn how to deal with failure in a constructive way - using it to help you create solutions and innovate. Failure is just another step toward success when viewed correctly.

Persevere to the Finish

Starting is important, but finishing is the reason you started! Finishing can be hard so persistence is essential. It may be harder the closer you get to the end, so time to focus - finish strong rather than moving on to the next project.