Develop Effective Teams and Groups

Every person on your team is important. Start developing them into a team rather than a group of individuals. You can create greater productivity and shared work load with a high-performing team. Be the leader that knows how to get people to work together.

Enrich Work, Effort, and Job Satisfaction

With GR8 Leaders you'll know what actually motivates people and what doesn't. What doesn't motivate may be a big surprise. You will become the leader that knows what few others know about how to create job satisfaction for yourself and for your team.

Resolve Conflict and Improve Teamwork

Say goodbye to thinking conflict is some complex issue that can't be understood. Beside the Conflict Cycle you will see the typical ingredients of conflict, so you can more easily identify what is happening. And, you will learn the 5 conflict styles that are all good and bad, depending on how you use them.

Facilitate Teamwork with Simple Tools and Forms

Principles and insights are the most valuable, but it helps to have some practical forms to follow. You will get a time proven Agenda Form that works exceptionally well. And, forms for delegation, problem solving, and various tools for facilitating groups.

Learn How to Work Through Relational Issues and Conflict

Whether at work or home, you will know the 4 Critical Principles, 3 Cardinal Rules, and 2 Essential Skills needed to resolve many relational problems. This will help you identify issues before they start.