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10 Fatal Leadership Mistakes You Can Easily Make

10 Fatal Leadership Mistakes

Mistakes are mostly just a part of learning, but there are things like the 10 fatal leadership mistakes. These 10 actually PROVE you aren’t leading and probably shouldn’t be either. That’s the bad news! The good news – its your choice whether you avoid them or not. Each of the 10 fatal leadership mistakes can be […]


Feeling Bad? Act Differently!

Feeling Bad

Feeling bad or sad? You probably want different emotions, right? Well that is easier than you think! One simple tool is act different than your feelings. Since your feelings are primarily responders and often untrustworthy, then change your actions to help your emotions change. Acting Then Feeling, or…You realize significant benefit when you act even when your […]


5 Stages of Team Development

Five Stages of Team Development

When people are assigned to a project, they are often called a team. But, it is doubtful they are an effective team, even if they have worked on team before. If they know the 5 stages of team development, then they have a great chance to become effective quicker. The stages of team growth were first […]


Goals – Questions That Will Help You Focus

Goals - What's Next?

Have you already created your goals for next year? Well, the following can help you. In fact, below is a process Individuals, and you can download a similar one for organizations.  For those of you needing a complete planning system for organizations, we have just the thing. It is called Purpose Driven Results that provides 8 steps to […]


Responsible Freedom Respects Boundaries

Responsible Freedom Respects Boundaries

Freedom that does not respect boundaries is IRRESPONSIBLE. That is why when you cross boundaries then laws, justice, and authority enter the picture. Freedom that doesn’t respect boundaries is not only irresponsible, it is self-absorbed. That type of attitude says, “I can do anything I want, because I can!”Freedom and Valuing OthersValuing others, is like love, […]


Slow Down! Remember the Control Boomerang

Slow Down

One of the best ways to help yourself to stop controlling is to simply slow down. When you do that, you also need to remember the control boomerang that is about ready to hit you. Remember what we say about most control people? They are…Good People Up to No Good! When we control, there often is a […]

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