Goals – Questions That Will Help You Focus

Have you already created your goals for next year? Well, the following can help you. In fact, below is a process Individuals, and you can download a similar one for organizations. 

For those of you needing a complete planning system for organizations, we have just the thing. It is called Purpose Driven Results that provides 8 steps to create Purpose, Core Values, Brand Promise, Strategy, and Goals.

But, it doesn't stop there. It helps you work with each individual to develop their 3 key actions needed each day, week, or month and even the meeting schedule needed.

Goals - What's Next?

1. Strengths – What can I build on?

  • What am I most proud of as an individual?
  • How does that reflect my strengths?
  • What makes me unique?
  • What can I become best at in my world?
  • What are 1-3 achievements I am proud of in the last couple of years?
  • What would I classify as my top 3 strengths?
  • How do I use my strengths to get results?
  • How do my strengths fit with the realities of my job and career?
  • What do I currently do or provide that my “customers” consider as high quality, excellent, or possibly world-class?

2. Opportunities – What are my customers asking for?

  • Who is my primary customer (people that receive your work or created products?)
  • What do they really want?
  • How much of what they really want am I providing them?
  • What am I providing them that they do NOT want?
  • Who are possible new customers I could serve?
  • How can I distinctively differentiate myself from existing or potential competitors?
  • What are possible new products, services, or processes I could provide?
  • How do I make sense of opportunities created by external forces and trends?
  • Of the opportunities I have, what are the top three to focus my efforts?
  • How can I best meet the needs of my boss, team, and organization?
  • How can I re-frame challenges to become exciting opportunities?
  • What new skills do I need to take advantage of the opportunities?

3. Aspirations – What do I care deeply about?

  • When I explore my values and aspirations, “what am I deeply passionate about?”
  • Reflecting on Strengths and Opportunities documented above, who am I, who do I want to become, and where do I want to go in the future?
  • What is my most compelling aspiration?
  • How much will my personal purpose change if I adopt the compelling aspiration?
  • What evidence is available to show how much I really have that aspiration?
  • What projects, programs, and processes are needed support my values and aspirations?

4. Results – How do I know I am succeeding?

  • Considering my Strengths, Opportunities and Aspirations, what meaningful measures would indicate that I am on track to fulfilling my aspirations and personal purpose?
  • What the 3 to 5 key measures or indicators that would create a "dashboard" to track progress?
  • Using the measures identified, what goals do I need to create?
  • How do I make sure my goals are contributing to my team and organization?
  • What resources are needed to implement my most vital goals and projects?
  • What are the best ways I can support achievement of my goals?

Adapted from The Thin Book of SOAR, Jacqueline Stavros and Gina Hinrichs

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