Communicate Clearly Using the Power of Structure

GR8 Leaders gives you the tools, even recipes to use, for speaking, writing, and presenting. With those tools you can take your thoughts and easily organize them into a structure that is clear and understandable.

Know When You Are Being Influenced and "Sold"

Before you learn to communicate clearly, you need to know the strategies being used on you through marketing and other means. This is critical for leaders, primarily to know what to guard against - and to use constructively.

Change Your Thinking About Speaking

You communicate clearly when you first think about your audience and what they know, hope, and fear about your topic. Great communication occurs when what you say is easier for them to follow and understand.

Make It Easy On Your Audience Using the Classic Form

You become a pro communicator as you use the structure of the Classic Form. It...

  1. Aids Memory - a gift to the speaker and audience
  2. Removes a Common Mistake - not repeating or recapping for the audience
  3. Reduces impact of the listener's mental vacations
  4. Reinforces the time-honored strategy - "Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them."

Communicate Clearly With A Proven Recipe

Showcase your idea with a proven recipe like Time, Story, Baseball, or Swing. Without recipes your presentation is unorganized like cars in a parking lot with the lines covered by snow. Use the structure of the recipe to order your thoughts. Then you are ready to speak, write, or present with clarity and persuasion.