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  • A Personal Roadmap - Focus on what's important to you
  • Proven Leadership Coaching - You can be confident that it works!
  • Clear Principles and Tools - Gain confidence to lead anywhere
  • Short, Single Topic Videos - Learn at your own pace, when you have time

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Look How Others Improved Their Leadership

For more than 4 years we tracked 8 classes of participants to see how they changed their leadership behaviors from the beginning to the end. Look at the outstanding results!

Selected Behaviors Improved

Improved Their 2 Selected Leadership Behaviors

A 360 Survey at the beginning of each class provided feedback from supervisor(s), peers, and direct reports. The same survey was used at the end. Each person selected 2 leadership behaviors to work on, while they were in the GR8 Leaders program. One class had 93% of the people improve their scores and the lowest class had 69% improve

OVERALL Behaviors Improved

Improved Their OVERALL Leadership Behaviors

The same 360 Survey provided an OVERALL score for each person. Like the 2 selected behaviors, the overall score was tracked. One class had 89% of the people improve and the lowest class had 57% improve. For all 8 classes studied there was a 69% average improvement in the Overall survey score.

Important to my work

Agree or strongly agree - "GR8 Leaders is important to my work"

The participants saw that the information wasn't theoretical - it applied to everyday situations that helped them lead and manage more effectively. Additionally, the emphasis on valuing people helped them see how that translated into productivity of the team more quickly than focusing more time on additional technical proficiency.

More Effective Leader

Agree or strongly agree - "I am a more effective leader as a result of confidence in applying the knowledge/skills learned thus far in GR8 Leaders"

Effectiveness is often acquired through consistent practice, and practice happens more often when things are simple and easy to apply.

Applying At Work

Agree or strongly agree - "I am confident in applying the knowledge/skills I am learning immediately back at work"

Confidence is a leading indicator that a person is more likely to apply what they are learning back on the job.

People Struggle To Learn How to Lead!

  • They don’t know where to start
  • They don’t have access to good leadership training
  • They think good leadership training is expensive
  • They think good training is time consuming
  • They think it’s complex and hard
  • They think it takes an advanced education
  • They think it doesn’t directly apply to day-to-day scenarios

GR8 Leaders SOLVES all of that! You Get...

A Personal Improvement Road-map to Follow

Focus on what's most important to you

The FREE Leadership Capacities assessment gives you a personal improvement roadmap. You can leverage your learning - select videos that will help you the most.

PROVEN Leadership Information Not FADS

You can be know the system works

GR8 Leaders is a leadership system that works! In a 4 year case study - 94% of the people became more effective leaders and 79% improved their selected leadership behaviors.

Simple Principles, Tools, and Insights