3 Key Leadership Words to Define Leadership

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The GR8 Leaders' definition of leadership includes 3 key leadership words. These words help the definition be memorable and to the point. More importantly, they help you lead in any situation, especially if circumstances aren't good.

Leadership definitions come in all shapes and sizes, good and bad, but too often, they are complex. We have worked to make the GR8 Leaders definition accurate, short, and easy to remember.

And it is easier to remember when you remember the 3 key leadership words.

3 Key Leadership Words to Define Leadership


The first of the 3 key leadership words defines the "what" or what we call "THERE." That's the term GR8 Leaders uses for a "destination" or a "desired end result." Great leadership isn't likely if you don't focus on what you want to achieve, reach, or create. 

If you were unfocused that would imply something about your character or example which is always important if you want to be a great leader. In fact, a good leadership definition becomes great when values are part of the definition

Thinking about character and values can be a THERE for you and others. THERE is simply that "something" that organizes your energy to reach or achieve. It's like President John F. Kennedy organizing his and thousands of others' energy when he said he wanted the United States to land on the moon by the end of the 1960s.

So, good leadership definitions include or imply a THERE. And, THERE can be small or significant. THERE can be your life purpose or what you want to achieve before the end of the day.

Generally, Purpose is the ultimate THERE for an organization or individual. Determining purpose is essential because it serves as the organizing principle for any goal, whether for the year, month, or day. Each of your goals is a THERE with clear dates and ways to measure progress.

So, what is your THERE? What do you want to achieve or create by this time next week? Or, have you thought about your Purpose, your ultimate THERE?

Without a clear THERE, it is very difficult to be a great leader!


Next comes the "how much." The second of the 3 key leadership words is about your motivation. How "committed" are you to getting THERE? How much energy will you use to get THERE? Is THERE something others want you to have but you aren't that interested in?

When you have a THERE but little or no commitment to it, you drastically reduce the chance of reaching it. Sure, something can happen to let you easily reach your THERE, but that is like winning the lottery—a very, very, very low probability.

Commitment is a key ingredient to getting THERE, and there is a way to help you clarify your level of motivation. For example, you watch a talented athlete, singer, or painter. As you watch, they inspire you to be like them. At that point, you begin to form a THERE - a destination you want to arrive at.

Suppose you become very clear about becoming a world-class singer. What is the next important thing to do? You need to assess your voice right now. With that assessment, you can determine your motivation and commitment. Would your commitment be higher if a talented coach said you had a great voice? Most likely. If they told you you have a great voice, you may commit to THERE easily!

But would you easily commit if the same coach said it would be very hard? What if it would take years of training and the prospects weren't good? That would test your commitment.

Great leaders commit to THERE not because it is easy or hard but because they want to get THERE. But they also verify where they are right now! They have a clear THERE and a clear HERE! When you have both points, you test your commitment to the PATH that you need to take to go from HERE to THERE.

Are you COMMITTED to your THERE?


Finally, the third of the 3 key leadership words is where leadership begins.

If you research leadership, one word will often show up—influence. That is a good one-word definition of leadership, but it isn't complete. Leadership needs the other two words. With the other two words, you create a foundation for a great leadership definition.

Nevertheless, INFLUENCE is critical for leadership. Why? Well, imagine that you have a THERE, and you COMMIT to it, but no one else sees your THERE as important. That means you have no INFLUENCE on them, at least for the THERE you are COMMITTED to. You are leading when you INFLUENCE others to go THERE with you.

Please keep this clear. You may not plan to INFLUENCE others because you are just committed to your THERE. But, if they see you want to get THERE and they want to go THERE with you, that's when leading starts.

Preferably, when leading, the THERE you choose will benefit others, and you want others to help you get THERE.

Finally, it is essential to recognize that  COMMITTED takes on two roles. One, you COMMIT to get THERE. When you see they want to go THERE with you, you COMMIT to INFLUENCE others to get THERE with you.

Are you COMMITTED to get THERE and COMMITTED to INFLUENCE others to get THERE?

If so, you are leading. THERE, COMMITTED, and INFLUENCE are the 3 key leadership words that form the foundation of the GR8 Leaders definition of leadership.


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