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Which is easiest to change – Thinking, Acting, or Feeling? Acting is often chosen, but it is thinking. Thinking drives everything in your life. Thinking is the key!

Despite that reality, much of what you hear is oriented toward feelings. People see feelings as somehow separate and non-controllable. Otherwise, you would not hear statements like "Follow your heart" or "We fell in love."

Consider this – thinking about changing your actions precedes the actual actions, right? That doesn’t mean you believe the thinking, but you are acting on it nevertheless.

Thinking Drives Everything In Your Life

Thinking Drives Everything

Thinking is the key to everything you do and feel – thinking drives everything else. What you think about is what your life reflects in your actions and feelings. If your thinking about reality and truth is distorted, it will impact all areas of your life.

If you think bad values are okay, you will suffer the consequences at some point.

The more you act consistently with your thinking, the more you reinforce it. And it impacts your beliefs and your feelings. Life becomes much simpler when you consider the power of what you allow yourself to think about.

So, if you think correctly, it drives actions and, at some point, feelings that are aligned with that thinking. Unfortunately, if your thinking is bad, it drives incorrect actions and feelings. So, what you are thinking is especially important!

Thinking drives everything - it is the critical component to what happens in your life.

The Only Thing You Can Control

And, please consider this. Your thinking appears to be the only thing you can control! You might say, “I can control my actions.” Yes, you can because your thinking leads to your actions. You can say, “I can control my attitude and how I see life.” Yes, you can, because your thinking about those things creates your attitude and perception. How you think about things is what becomes your attitude and perspective of life.

While I don't think I can completely prevent thoughts from coming into my mind, I can control whether I allow them to stay. The more you allow lousy thinking to clutter your mind, the more you will be confused and likely to act on lousy thinking.

Whenever I teach this, I ask the group or individual to do a little experiment. "Close your eyes and be sad right now. Try it for about 30 seconds now and see if you can just be sad."

After 30 seconds, I ask, "Who was able to be sad?" Several people raise their hands, and I ask, "How did you do that?" Every response is similar to, "I started thinking about a sad time in my life."

First, I point out that they did not do what I asked - to "be sad." You cannot do it without thinking about sad things. Then I state, "Notice how your thinking made a difference in your feelings."

What if you kept that simple thought in your mind each time you saw yourself drifting into some destructive thinking. Since thinking drives everything, it is time to show self-governance through what you think about.

Transcendent Values Are the Best Foundation

You see life differently when you have a solid foundation of transcendent values. Those values become the bedrock of your thinking! When you slow down to reflect on those values, your life will change for the better. When you choose great values over bad ones, you control your thinking, actions, and feelings.

This can be difficult if you don't take time to reflect on your life. If you do reflect, the next time you feel depressed, stop and reflect on what you are thinking. Most likely, it is something that isn't pleasant, something going wrong, something you feel hopeless about, etc.

Those things may be reality, but the more you allow yourself to stay with those thoughts, the worse you will feel. What if you started thinking about possible solutions to any of those bad situations? Even a slight swing to that thinking can have a marked impact on slowing or stopping the slide into the pit of pity city.

And, if you could completely change your thinking to those things you are thankful for, you will see an even more significant positive change.

Your Thinking is the KEY to Your Values and Beliefs

It is important to state it again; your thinking drives everything - especially your values and beliefs. Your thinking drives who you trust, what you trust, who you respect, and every choice you make. Even if you disagree, it is best to recognize that the number of things you can control is minimal.

When it comes to the interaction of thinking, feelings, and actions, it is generally best to…

  1. Think first, then Feel or Act
  2. In difficult situations, Think – Act – Feel

Build a solid foundation of good thinking and good values because your thinking drives ever. Then, act based on that foundation. Your feelings will respond – eventually.

Thinking drives everything. Thinking is the key element of your life - pay attention to what you put into your mind and what you meditate on.

Lastly, since your feelings are related to your thinking, they are a great barometer of your thinking! If you are depressed, it is quite likely that you are thinking about depressing things. Time to stop letting life, circumstances, and people control your life! Take your life back with good thinking! When you allow something outside of you to control your life, you are vulnerable to becoming or acting like a victim!

Think about that! Change your thinking to great values.


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