2.07 – Create and Develop Effective Teamwork

Enhancing Effectiveness helps a leader identify and create cohesive actions needed to build and develop teams. Teams need clarity about who is doing what, where they are going, the structure that supports teamwork and the coaching to keep them aligned toward the results. Additionally, leaders need to know the actions needed for each stage teams typically move through.

Enriching Effort and Work helps a leader build into jobs the essential elements required to provide team members the highest possible chance to be motivated to do their job well. Unfortunately, most leaders focus attention on things that can only prevent dissatisfaction like money, benefits, incentives and environment. Those are the standard elements, but the real motivators are autonomy, challenge, competence and belonging. Those may be easy to understand, but can be difficult to design into the individual’s job. Using the 5+1 Enriching Work Principles will help guide a leader toward those elements that truly impact job satisfaction.

Eliminating Key Obstacles requires insight into five critical mistakes; Lack of Trust, Inappropriate Conflict, Lack of Commitment, Lack of Accountability and Unclear Outcomes. Each of those mistakes left unresolved will cripple a team. Leaders are more effective when they teach teams how to resolve struggles rather than being the solution creator. But, the most common and difficult problem is each member tends to have a “ME” focus rather than a “WE” focus. There is a “me” in team, but it is realigned and refocused.