2.06 – Engage Excellence with Freedom and Self-governance

Freedom Is Superior to Control helps GR8 Leaders focus on the benefits of freedom and reduce the costs of control (domination or manipulation). Freedom is derailed by “should, ought or must” which is the same as obligation. Freedom reduces rebellion, therefore, aiding productivity. Control doesn’t develop people; it is about the leader getting his way often at the expense of the people. When people are encouraged to use responsible freedom, more power comes into their lives. Freedom is not obligated to do anything—it wants to do things. Freedom is encouraged with simple tools like Primary and Secondary Choices.

Freedom Excels With Self-governance shows how self-governance is a key factor to preventing irresponsible freedom. Self-governance is a critical leadership value that knows how to pass up immediate gratification for future benefits. It involves living with a WE not ME mindset and isn’t a slave or victim of life, circumstances and people. The Two Circles tool helps people see how often we allow our life to be controlled by the external resulting in a lack of self-governance. The Freedom V tool illustrates the correlation of freedom and self-governance and shows how boundaries and consequences are used to aid self-governance.

Freedom Is Not Controlled By Emotions provides critical insight into the way emotions work. Great leaders know that emotions are a central part of each individual; therefore, they know the best sequence for three words – Acting, Thinking and Feeling. Leaders are not asked to eliminate or stop using their emotions, because when unused, a tremendous asset is ignored. The key is to slow your emotions down so that you can reflect back on your fundamental values and live those instead of reacting emotionally. GR8 Leaders also know the clear impact that reality and truth have on changing lives for the better.