2.05 – Share Truth for Performance Excellence

Truth Not Opinion helps leaders depend upon gathering facts and reducing assumptions. Leadership is hindered when assuming knowledge, rather than actually knowing, and not acknowledging guesses or assumptions. As learned earlier, asking questions is an essential skill for leaders and is an absolute necessity to separate guesses from truth or facts. Leaders that rely on too many assumptions, especially when just being undisciplined to not ask questions, will hurt the people, the organization, and themselves.

Truth is the Essential Foundation shows how truth plays a larger role in organization than most believe. It is also something that people can handle and will enable enhanced performance when sought. And, when used to help develop people, with kindness and mercy, it is extremely beneficial rather than hurtful as many people believe.

Truth Encourages Excellence focuses on performance rather than emotions. It helps leaders create a structure of truth not letting emotional conflict prevent candor and clarity. Truth is critical for developing the best in those being led or managed. Mastering the four steps of Reality, Story, Plan and Feedback enhance employee performance and learning. Step 1 uses opposites to help move the conversation to the real issue.