2.01 – Value Right Results AND People

Right Values for Right Results provides the critical foundation to becoming a GR8 Leader. There are transcendent values that have stood the test of time like self-governance, humility, sacrifice, freedom, valuing and developing people, and the fundamental value of Truth.

Right Structure for Right Results helps you understand the profound nature of how structure demands behavior. For example, Leaders that do not value people or developing people tend to have a structure that is focused on “ME” rather than “WE”. And, GR8 Leaders use structure to create a “path of least resistance” to what the organization needs to achieve.

Right Process – THP for Right Results provides the most widely used process in history to create and generate results. Learning the simplicity of the THP process (the 1 Unique Process) can radically enhance your ability to be clear and focused to get the results that are needed.