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2.02 – Motivate Right Results with Purpose

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Purpose is essential in any organization, so a GR8 Leader will Start with Strategic Thinking. The COMPASS tool provides a step by step process for creating Purpose, Core Values, Brand Promise, and Leader Behaviors. Then use the clear processes provided to create strategy and goals that work. And, don’t forget about your Personal Values and Vision.

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If you want to motivate right results, you must start with the Purpose of the organization. It is easy to overlook getting clear about why the organization exists. A clear purpose is powerful, but too often it is just a document or, worse, unstated. When you can develop a simple statement about your purpose, you have the most important element for creating results. It can be used to help make decisions and more importantly, motivate right results to help you achieve your purpose.

Start with Strategic Thinking

Purpose does not have roots in strategic thinking, but it helps. When you use the 5 competencies of strategic thinking, you will see a bigger picture. Most importantly, you need to think systemically. That means you are thinking about the whole system and your organization is just a part. It is also imperative to ask “What if?” Thinking about how to improve helps you see beyond today.

Not only focus on the future, but also analyze current information, breaking it apart to understand it. Then take that information and synthesize, putting it back together in new and different ways. Of course, it is critical to know how to focus and prioritize everything to be working on the things that will generate the most benefit. Finally, adapt to changes as they occur. Each of those will help you develop your purpose and strategy.

Create Your Purpose

Purpose helps you identify what you want to become. Why does the organization exist? Purpose is about where you want to go, the aspiration of the organization. It is often an ideal that is difficult to reach, but helps you determine your strategy, goals and actions.

Purpose sets the direction for the leader to take. Like a compass, it helps you align your actions to a specific direction. That is why you will need the Compass tool. It combines everything onto one page that looks like a wheel. In the middle is your Purpose. Surrounding it is your Core Values, Brand Promise, Strategy, Operational Priorities, Goals, and Leader Behaviors. A great tool to help you and your team focus on the fundamentals of your organization.

Create Your Strategy and Goals

You can create a good strategy by answering 11 questions. Then determine your Operational Priorities and set clear Goals. In Course One you learn how to set goals with THP. Now use THP to identify goals that support the strategy and purpose. If you need a hierarchy, first purpose then strategy. Next goals and actions. Purpose drives strategy. Goals measure whether you are accomplishing the strategy and purpose. Actions are obviously what you are doing to achieve the goals. Make certain your goals align with the Purpose of the organization.

The Values & Vision Exercise is a personal exercise that has changed many people’s lives. When you do the exercise, it helps you identify personal values and understand consequences when you ignore your top values. This exercise is highly recommended, but difficult to do, because you do not get a list of words to choose from when identifying your values.

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