2.06 – Engage Excellence with Freedom and Self-governance

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How many people would believe that a leader that controls less can actually get more done? It would be rare for many of the leadership gurus to agree with that statement. But they probably would agree that helping people work to their strengths is very important for leaders. So, how do you help people work to their strengths while you try to control them? What if you created a broad area of freedom that has distinct boundaries, provide clear expectations, and clear consequences, then let them use their strengths to achieve the goals? Now you are understanding how less control actually can get more done!

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Engage excellence sounds great, but using freedom? How does that work? Do you believe that a leader that controls less can actually get more done? Maybe not. But, do you agree that helping people work to their strengths is important for leaders? So, how do you get people working to their strengths while you try to control or limit them? That is hard to do. What if you create a broad area of freedom with clear boundaries, clear expectations, and clear consequences? Would that help inspire and engage excellence? Maybe not by itself, but it creates a structure to encourage people to use their strengths to achieve the goals. Now you are beginning to see how less control might get more done!

Freedom Is Superior to Control

GR8 Leaders focus on the benefits of freedom and reduce the costs of control (domination or manipulation). You derail freedom using “should, ought or must.” That is how you turn good things into obligations. But, using freedom reduces rebellion, therefore, aiding productivity. Control doesn’t develop people; it is about the leader getting his way, often at the expense of the people. When you encourage people to use responsible freedom, more power comes into their lives. Freedom wants to do something, there is no feeling of obligation to do it. And, when use Primary and Secondary Choices, you encourage even more freedom.

Freedom Excels With Self-governance

GR8 Leaders know that self-governance reduces and even prevents irresponsible freedom. What is self-governance? It is when you pass up immediate gratification for future benefits. It helps you have a “WE” not “ME” mindset. And, it isn’t a “slave” or “victim” of life, circumstances and people. The Two Circles tool helps you live a life of good values. It helps you teach others how they allow people and circumstances to control their life. With the Two Circles tool, you introduce people to self-governance. The Freedom V tool illustrates how freedom and self-governance work together. You can clearly demonstrate freedom, boundaries and consequences help people become self-governing.

Freedom Isn’t Controlled By Emotions

Learn critical insight into the way your emotions work. GR8 leaders know that emotions are a central part of each individual; therefore, they know the best sequence for three words – Acting, Thinking and Feeling. Leaders are not asked to eliminate or stop using their emotions, because when unused, a tremendous asset is ignored. The key is to slow your emotions down so that you can reflect back on your fundamental values and live those instead of reacting emotionally. GR8 Leaders also know the clear impact that reality and truth have on changing lives for the better.

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