2.07 – Develop Effective Teamwork and Enrich Work

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When you want to develop effective teamwork, you focus on getting more done. If you only focus on developing individuals, you miss the tremendous benefit of getting the most from people working together. Teams are not appropriate for all organizations, but you can still use much of the team information to get the most from a group of people.

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Develop effective teamwork and you will get more done. If you only focus on developing an individual, you miss the benefit of people working together. But, when people work together, you need to coach and lead more. Teams are not appropriate for all organizations, but this information helps any group.

Enhance Effectiveness

You will learn key actions and principles that develop effective teamwork. Teams need clarity about their roles and what they need to accomplish. They also need a clear organizational structure that supports teamwork. Finally, they need coaching to keep them moving toward goal. Additionally, since teams grow and change, you need to know how to help that happen. Typically, teams go through five stages. You need to know how to lead in each stage.

Enrich Effort and Work

You can build the essential elements for employee job satisfaction. Frederick Herzberg’s excellent research shows you what motivates people and what doesn’t. The things motivate like autonomy, challenge, competence and belonging require a lot of thinking and work. Those things may be difficult to design into tasks and jobs, but the payoff is higher quality work and satisfied workers.

Eliminate Key Obstacles

Here are five mistakes that hurt teams: Lack of Trust, Inappropriate Conflict, Lack of Commitment, Lack of Accountability and Unclear Outcomes. Resolve those issues and the effectiveness of the team will increase. Teach teams how to resolve issues, so they do not need to rely on you. And, the most common and difficult problem for teams is a focus on “ME.” Each member of the team will focus more on “ME” instead of “WE.” GR8 Leaders focus the team on what is best for the organization.

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