2.09 – Amplify Teamwork with Facilitation

Facilitating Gets Things Done starts with helping you see the value of facilitation as a skill primarily because it helps leaders use listening and questions regularly. It works because it focuses on Process not Content. Leaders that facilitate encourage a structure where the team is providing the solutions, because the leader is facilitating their involvement with each other as well as developing consensus when needed.

Facilitating Meetings is the easiest way to get proficient in the skill of facilitation. Using something like the Agenda Form and its structure will allow leaders to see how they can create more participation in meetings. There are also some basic approaches to help solve some of the common problems that show up in many meetings.

Facilitating A Delegation is about developing people and is best used in a structure of freedom. It grows the capacity of the organization by developing the team and increasing the freedom of the leader. Delegation is not just handing off the things leaders do not want to do, but it is a thoughtful process of planning, acting and reviewing in order to increase the capacity of people.

Facilitating Solutions provides some basic tools to use when working with groups. Decision making options to use as well as simple tools like Brainstorming, Anonymous Brainstorming, Impact/Effort Grid, Force Field Analysis, and Cause & Effect Analysis help leaders facilitate results during meetings and problem solving times. The Problem-Solving Recipe Card gives a leader a process to keep on track while facilitating a problem-solving discussion.