The MOOD Curve Helps Persistence

MOOD Curve Helps Your Persistence

Persistence is the third leg of the creative process (THP, ALA, Persist). THP is your plan, ALA is your execution of the plan. Now, you need persistence to help you reach THERE. You also need it to… …turn action into progress …help reduce skepticism and “can’t do” …improve and make the tough changes check …help […]


Leadership’s 3 Key Words

Leadership's 3 Key Words

A leadership definition is best when simple and to the point, because it helps you with the basics or foundation of leading. Of course, leadership definitions come in all shapes and sizes, good and bad, but too often they aren’t simple. The GR8 Leaders definition is short and easy to remember when you understand leadership’s […]


Servant Leader Behavior Depends on Your Structure

Servant Leader Behavior

When in the servant leader structure the path of least resistance is to exhibit servant leader behavior, because structure demands behavior. But, what is structure? Don’t worry, structure is very practical once you learn a little more about it. Physical and mental structures are constantly demanding action from you. But, you seldom notice them. Everything in life […]


3 Daily Priorities for Leaders

3 Daily Priorities

Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on a few simple items that help you lead more effectively? Well here are 3 daily priorities that work very well – Clear Expectations, Clear Consequences, and Self-governance.  Make those 3 daily priorities constants in your life and in the lives of those who are with or around you. […]


Strategy Is Built on What the Customer Wants

Customer Wants

You are either thinking about your product and how to fit it to the customer or thinking about what the customer wants and adapting the product. The first is too often how most businesses think. The second is much harder.  Why? It takes work to think about your product from the customer’s view. It is much […]


Are You Listening? 5 Reasons You Won’t!

Are You Listening?

Listening is not only underrated, it is difficult. Like any skill, listening takes practice in order to do it well. And, it is especially difficult when you don’t realize some simple things that hurt your ability to listen. Few consider listening to be a critical leadership skill, much less, one of the most critical skills. Why […]