Listening and Asking Questions – 2 Underrated Leadership Skills

Listening and Asking Questions

Seldom will you find listening and asking questions as important skills for leaders. Why? Because, most leadership training focuses on speaking and persuasion.  Think of it this way – many people make a living providing speeches for organizational events. Being a persuasive, fun speaker is highly valued. For events that you have attended, they will often have […]


Act – Learn – Adjust Because Perfect Plans Don’t Exist

Act - Learn - Adjust

It’s time to Act –  Learn – Adjust! If you created a clear THERE, clear HERE and the PATH with a Personal Planning Form that is a great first step for getting things done. That plan is your initial thoughts on how to get THERE. Now, action is required for results. THP helps you create a […]


Great Plans Start With A Clear THERE!

Great Plans Have A Clear THERE

One of the first things needed to change or radically change your life or organization is identify your THERE! Great inventions, great plans, great achievements are the result of a clear THERE. Okay, here is the definition of THERE – your desired end result. THERE is what you want to create or achieve. It is your […]


Curiosity Will Help You Listen!

Are You Listening?

Few consider listening to be a critical leadership skill, much less, one of the most critical skills for life and relationships. When leadership is aligned primarily with persuasion and charisma, you won’t hear anything about the most underrated leadership skill – listening! And, most people have trouble listening.  Why is listening so important?  Because without it, you have […]


Want to Think Clearly? Use Opposites

Think Clearly

You have thoughts running around in your mind and you can’t think clearly. You want clarity, but there are so many options to choose from. There is no way for you to filter information to help you make decisions in a simple, clear way. For me, it becomes most challenging when my feelings are engaged or […]


Opinion Can Make You Assertive About LIES!


The desire to know, when you actually don’t, is a powerful force in everyone. Peter Scholtes provides some interesting research and observation about opinion in his book, The Leader’s Handbook. His research data came from the business arena, specifically manufacturing, where measurable data is available.So, his research is not from highly charged emotional issues related […]