Leadership VALUES

A leader's values will show in their skills, talents, and capacities. This assessment will help you evaluate the critical values the GR8 Leaders CATALYST System promotes for all leaders. Think about positive and negative examples as you score yourself. Answer as objectively as possible to get the maximum learning from your results.

1)    I am in control of my emotions, desires and actions by my own will

2)    I do not need others to control me, because I have excellent self-control

3)    I will do the right thing even when others are not watching

4)    I readily submit to appropriate authorities and laws

5)    I do not believe my happiness is dependent on what others are doing or not doing to me

6)    I am modest in behavior, attitude and spirit

7)    I do not draw attention to myself

8)    I do not comment or highlight my strengths in comparison to others

9)    I look for ways to serve and benefit others

10)  I have some great strengths, but only let others know about them when my strengths are needed

11)  I am committed to give up things I value to benefit the organization and others

12)  I would give up my rewards and perks to help the organization and others

13)  I have recent examples of partially or totally abandoning self-interests for the good or others

14)  I will pursue the best for others, even if they do not pursue my best

15)  I believe that there is a higher value to serving others than trying to keep things for myself

16)  I do not try to control others 

17)  I do not react and respond to others so that they are controlling my actions and emotions

18)  I do not demand that others obey, but do invite them to do so

19)  I strive to meet other people’s expectations, but do not demand that other’s meet mine

20)  I am not judgmental when people do not meet my expectations

21)  I have a high regard for people and think it is a privilege to help them grow and learn

22)  Coaching people to higher performance is a common occurrence in my life

23)  I respect people enough to take the time to offer recognition and praise 

24)  I offer constructive criticism, so people can enhance their capacity if they want

25)  I do not need to manage people's emotions, but do want to offer honesty with compassion

26)  I recognize the clarity between opinion and truth or reality

27)  When offering an opinion, I let people know it is just a guess, speculation, or supposition

28)  I practice listening and asking questions to help verify facts

29)  I submit to the wisdom of “not leaning on my own understanding”, removing most dogmatic statements and trusting that faith is always needed at some point

30)  I like the statement, “You know what you know and don’t know what you don’t know”