2.11 – Help Others Adopt Change

Change Includes Failure provides a better way to view the effort you expend in a desire to be productive, but the result is not achieved. Making a mistake from lack of effort is not what this is about. Time to help remove some of the fear of failing by cultivating a different mindset on how to fail in the process of succeeding.

Change Is Difficult for Many People focuses on what is going on with the people. Leaders need to know the 30-50-20 Principle – they generally face three categories of people in a change effort, resisters, undecided majority and early adopters. Leaders need to know how to deal with each and which to focus their efforts on. Additionally, the ADKAR tool is a good method to assess the Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement of the team related to the change needed.

Change Processes provides some tools and approaches to use when faced with leading a change effort. While there is no guarantee, these checklists and approaches move the odds to your favor.