2.04 – Coach For Excellence

Coaching Focuses on Their Best, because leaders value and develop people. It is not about demanding the best, instead coaching invites and facilitates it. GR8 Leaders know that a key task of leadership is to develop more leaders and that requires taking time to coach. Coaching uses THP to provide clarity on what the person needs to achieve. It requires getting to know the person in order to facilitate skills, insights and possibilities.

Coaching Uses Recognition and Praise shows leaders that they are hurting the organization when they don’t respect their people enough to praise them. Recognition and praise is simple, free, and highly effective for developing, valuing, and even enhancing the productivity of people. Keep this simple guideline in mind – make it True, Specific, and Personal. And, the research shows a big difference when leaders use recognition and praise as well as showing respect for the people they work with. It is not a marginal difference, it is substantial.

Coaching Requires Listening maybe more than speaking. That’s why listening is a prized skill of GR8 Leaders, but a vastly underrated skill of poor leaders. Listening occurs when humility, focus and curiosity are combined and it works best when you picture what people are telling you. Picturing enhances your ability to understand and retain what you have heard.

Coaching Requires Questions in fact a good ratio is 4 questions to every one statement. Questions are probably the most powerful skill for a GR8 Leaders tool. Peter Drucker said, “The leader of the future will be a person who knows how to ask.” Because of the importance of both, listening and questions are practiced throughout the program.