2.02 – Motivate Right Results with Purpose

Purpose is essential in any organization, so a GR8 Leader will Start with Strategic Thinking. GR8 Leaders know the 5 competencies needed to help you think strategically – Think Systemically, Ask “What if?”, Analyze and Synthesize, Focus and Prioritize and Adapt. Each of those will help you develop your purpose and strategy.

Create Your Purpose sets the direction the leader takes, because leading is about the organization not the leader. The Compass tool focuses your attention first on Purpose before it considers anything else. In addition to the Purpose, you identify Core Values, your Brand Promise, and clarify Leader Behaviors.

Create Your Strategy and Goals by answering 11 strategy questions, determining Operational Priorities, and setting clear Goals. In Course One you learn how to set goals with THP, but now you make certain your goals fit the broader Purpose of the organization. Your Goals help the organization measure progress toward the Purpose.

Make It Personal – The Values & Vision exercise helps you identify personal values, understand consequences when values are ignored, and create ways to monitor if the values are being exhibited.