3 Daily Priorities for Leaders

Wouldn't it be nice to focus on a few simple items that help you lead more effectively? Well here are 3 daily priorities that work very well - Clear Expectations, Clear Consequences, and Self-governance.

Make those 3 daily priorities constants in your life and in the lives of those who are with or around you. The 3 daily priorities help you focus. Of course, they work best when you have the  6 Critical Values or the 5 Essential Capacities as your foundation.

Think about it - if you know clearly what you need to do, the consequences if you don't do it, and that it is your responsibility to do it - it helps you get things done.

But, it doesn't stop there. You are a leader which means you value and develop people. And that seldom happens unless people know what is expected, the consequences, and it is their responsibility.

It is not only your responsibility to use those 3 daily priorities, but also to teach them to everyone. That is what helps get more things done.

3 Daily Priorities

Clear Expectations

One of our favorite statements is, "Where you look, you tend to go!" Unfortunately, too many people and many organizations wander from one shiny object to the next. They have no clear "THERE".

Without a clear end result, you can't organize your energy and focus. You just react and respond - tossed around by the waves of life, circumstances and people. Worse yet, you won't have clear expectations set for yourself or for those in your organization.

GR8 leaders are clear about what needs to be done today, and have plans that look at this week, month and year. That is strategic thinking and strategic planning which helps you organize your thoughts, goals and actions.

If you want to get more done, then start each morning with the Daily Focus Form like the one shown here. It helps you review your goals, people to contact, and then decide on the 1 to 3 things that you WILL DO today.

You can also use it to capture actions you need to take during the next 7 days and next 30 days. 

Click the image to download a PDF of the form. If you want the form as well as other great forms and information, click on the FREE Assessment link above or click here on to get the FREE Daily CATALYST video email.

Daily Focus Form

When you set clear expectations for you and your organization, that is a clear mark of someone that wants to get things done. And, if you have people you report to, check with them to make sure you are on target. That simple action is an advertisement that you want to help your supervisor and the organization achieve its goals. Further, if you listen to them and make appropriate changes, you advertise a willingness to learn and grow.

Now you can go focus on excellent execution, because you are aimed in the right direction.

Clear Consequences

Directly coupled with clear expectations are consequences. You need to clearly identify what will happen, both good and bad, if expectations are or aren't met. Don't go create a sense of urgency - just communicate REALITY. What will happen if you don't get that report finished today? What will happen if you don't get those orders filled? How will you hurt the team if you don't meet your goals?

You aren't playing a children's soccer match where everyone gets a trophy for just showing up. Those that grow, learn and are best prepared for the next level of leadership understand the consequences for achieving or not.

Further, as a leader, you share that REALITY with your group. You remind them about how the Clear Expectations and Clear Consequences fit together.

And, please don't be the leader that makes ultimatums and demands. They think that will help everyone perform better and escape bad consequences. Sounds like the right thing to do, but there is a better approach. And that better approach encourages freedom and self-governance.


GR8 Leaders are self-governing. No need to followup to make sure they are working or doing the right thing. 

You can define self-governance as - doing the right thing, because it needs to be done. That works, but it is better to use this definition: 

Passing up immediate gratification for future reward

That is a basic element of life that most people refuse to consider. If you want to be a GR8 Leader, you constantly grow your self-governance and help those with you do the same.

Now think about it, if you help grow the self-governance in each person in your group, they get more done and you are free to be more strategic. You spend less time double-checking their work, because they continue to show the discipline of doing what is needed.

So, don't demand that everyone do their work. Instead use the self-governing or invitational model. Invite them to operate with their strengths to meet their expectations and the expectations of the organization. 

Many people think it is easier just to demand it because you are the boss. That strategy works - but it has a high cost. You create an environment of compliance instead of creativity and self-governance. An environment that can get things done when the boss is watching or mad, but not so much when the boss isn't.

It's your choice. Self-governance requires a real leader that values people and, at the same time, gets the job done. It is part of a leadership model that focuses on WE, while most other models focus on ME to the detriment of others.

The GR8 Leaders CATALYST System promotes the use of these 3 Daily Priorities. Check it out by clicking on the FREE Leadership Assessment button above.

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