GR8 Leaders Study Guide


This Study Guide is the latest version (V6.2). It is purchased directly from the digital publisher It covers all courses, arranged in 12 chapters, and is a full color 8 1/2 by 11 inch coil-bound paperback book. There are 307 pages of details that track directly with the online videos. You will need both the Study Guide and the videos to get the most from the program.

This GR8 Leaders Study Guide provides comprehensive information about the 6 Critical VALUES, 5 Essential CAPACITIES, 3 Daily PRIORITIES, 2 Remarkable SKILLS and 1 Timeless PROCESS. The guide is arranged by the 4 CAPACITIES described below. The 5th CAPACITY – Communication has one course dedicated to it and is built into all of the coaching programs. The GR8 Leaders Study Guide helps you get the most from the online video coaching.

Right Results – using Transcendent Values. GR8 Leaders get results, but not at the expense of great values or people. That requires a leader who has transcendent values like developing people, self-governance, humility, sacrifice, freedom and truth. A leader who is skilled at listening, questions and clear communication of both expectations and consequences. GR8 Leaders are committed to their values and THERE, where they are going.

Excellent Execution – with Maximum Self-governance. GR8 Leaders are dedicated to enabling high performance in both individuals and the organization overall. When expectations are not met, those times become a development opportunity and, done properly, enhance capacity and build a structure that values truth and high performance.

True Teamwork – Real Collaboration. GR8 Leaders help individuals combine their strengths for even greater results. Helping teamwork and collaboration requires clarity about how groups develop, common mistakes encountered and the skill of facilitation. Since conflict is inevitable, it is imperative to know how to use conflict for development and growth.

Healthy Innovation – Beneficial Change. GR8 Leaders make changes in themselves first to foster personal learning and growth. They think strategically, recognize and correct mistakes and model learning. Knowing that change is difficult for many, they apply their energy to the right people to help change occur. And, they are transformational leaders or Catalytic Leaders who speed up beneficial change in the organization.

Exceptional Communication – Honest and Clear. GR8 Leaders encourage a free exchange of ideas communicated in ways that are appropriate to facilitate success. Effective communication is a required ingredient of the above 4 capacities, but does not start with what is written, spoken, graphed or demonstrated. It starts with clear thinking! That creates the structure for clear writing, clear speaking, clear purpose, clear strategy, clear goals and clear actions for the organization.