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2.03 – Communicate Clearly for GR8 Results

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Communication is an essential capacity for leaders. Your example is a critical communication method, but if you do not know how to communicate clearly, persuasively, and powerfully, you will find it much more difficult to influence others. While personality can make a difference, it is not even close to the importance of knowing how to use structure in your communication. You also need to know how often the 6 influence and persuasion strategies (Dr. Cialdini’s work) are used against you.

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When you lead, make sure you communicate clearly. Yes, you communicate with your actions and example, but how well do you speak and write? You influence others when you provide clear, persuasive, and powerful communication. Personality also makes a difference, but it is not close to the importance of an ordered mind speaking clearly. You also need to know how often 6 influence strategies (Dr. Cialdini’s work) are used on you!

Communication Uses Influence and Persuasion Strategies

Dr. Cialdini’s great work provides 6 influence and persuasion strategies. It shows how easily the strategies influence and persuade you everyday. His research also shows how your emotions play a big role in your decisions. While some shortcuts in thinking are often very good, it allow us to be more easily influenced. This information helps GR8 Leaders identify the strategies. It helps them see when the strategies are used on them. These strategies help or hurt people. Since that is true, GR8 Leaders use these strategies for good, not to control or manipulate people.

Clear Communication Requires Clear Thinking!

Do you want to communicate clearly? Then make sure your thinking is clear. “Muddled thinking equals muddled speaking!” That simple phrase provides a foundation for clear writing and clear speaking. You will not communicate well, when your thinking is not clear. One of the best ways to get clear thinking is to write what your are thinking then remove all the clutter. Leaders miss a big opportunity to influence others, because their thinking isn’t clear.

Clear Communication Requires Clear Structure!

You can learn simple guidelines to structure writing and speaking. This is not about trying to win awards for your writing and speaking. It is about communicating clearly! You need the basics like the “Rules of 3s and 4s”, the Classic Form, and communication “recipes.” Those basics create order for your thinking and your communication. You can get all of this from our THOUGHT-Talk course, which teaches 11 “recipes” to help you provide clear, persuasive communication.

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