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Get an overview of all of the CATALYST System courses. Learn about one tool that helps you learn and apply the principles, insights and tools. Finally, get the foundational elements of leadership with Leadership QUICKStart.

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Get the basic foundation for leading with Leadership QUICKStart. In this short course you get an overview of all 12 GR8 Leaders courses and the fundamentals of leadership in a definition and the GR8 Recipe.

How would you define leadership?

Can you define leadership in one word? It makes leadership easier to understand when you can. On the other hand, it is best to define it with 3 words. When you have the 3 words, you see the process of leadership more clearly.

Leadership QUICKStart gives you the foundation of what leadership is about. It highlights the difference between good and bad leaders! And, you not only learn where leadership starts, but you also learn how you lead without even knowing it.

The GR8 Recipe

The GR8 Recipe provides the crucial elements for being a GOOD leader. The recipe (6-5-3-2-1) includes 6 Critical Values, 5 Essential Capacities, 3 Daily Priorities, 2 Remarkable Skills, and 1 Unique Process.

The recipe requires all of the ingredients. The 6 critical values are the crucial difference between good and bad leaders. Additionally, when you don’t have the 5 essential capacities, you will not help the organization get where it needs to go. Then, if you aren’t focused on 3 priorities, your values and results will suffer. Of course, when you don’t skillfully practice the most underrated skill and the most powerful skill, you become a dictator which undermines the critical values. And, finally, without the 1 Unique Process, you will not know how to teach others to get results.

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