Leaders Use Less Not More Control (V1 Course 6 Overview)


...helps GR8 Leaders create a structure superior to control (domination or manipulation). Freedom helps reduce rebellion, therefore, aiding productivity. Control doesn’t develop people; rather it is about the leader getting his way often at the expense of the people. When people see the difference between freedom, control and obligation, more power comes into their lives.


...or personal responsibility is critical for individuals and often difficult for many. When people do not understand the difference between choosing and reacting, morale and productivity typically decrease. Using a tool called the Two Circles helps people see how often we allow our life to be controlled by the external resulting in a lack of personal responsibility.


...is about developing people and is best used in a structure of freedom. It grows the capacity of the organization by developing the team and increasing the freedom of the leader. Delegation is not just handing off the things leaders do not want to do, but it is a thoughtful process of planning, acting and reviewing in order to increase the capacity of people.

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