02 – Humility, Listening and Questions

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Leadership often elevates a focus on self, which prevents the correct focus on “WE” not “ME. Leaders need humility – the most underrated of all leader attributes. A correct focus on humility and serving enhances “WE” and elevates the skills of listening and asking questions.


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Leading With Humility encourages developing and valuing people. Unfortunately, leadership often elevates a focus on self, which underscores the need for humility. In fact, it is the most underrated of all leader values or attributes. It is powerful, practical and active, and leverages learning.

Leading With Questions works best with humility. The combination of listening, the most underrated tool, with questions, the most powerful tool, doesn’t work as well without humility. Those three elements provide a firm foundation for great leadership. Peter Drucker said, “The leader of the future will be a person who knows how to ask.” It takes discipline to listen and ask questions. When a leader values people, questions and listening takes a prominent role in their life. Because of their importance, listening and questions are practiced throughout the program.

My SWOT is an exercise that helps reinforce learning. This gives you the opportunity to reflect deeply on personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that you can enhance and adjust your life.


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