Servants Leaders Servants – 15 Signs of a REAL Servant Leader (Facilitator Version)


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The book is letter size paper (8.5 x 11) and it contains about 50% more material than the 6×9 size book. It also includes questions at the end of each chapter that the facilitator answers in order to make sure that they know the material and can answer questions from the group they are facilitating.

Click here to download the front of the book including the table of contents and a portion of chapter 1.



If you want to know the key values, principles and tools that help you orient your life to be a leader like Jesus Christ, you have the right book. With this material you can grow life skills to further experience the abundant life you have been given (2 Peter 1:3). It will benefit all of your relationships, including those you serve when leading. These Godly principles will prepare you for leading here and in eternity. This information is not based on fads – it is proven, practical, and powerful – built on God’s Word. And, when you apply this material, it shifts your focus back to Jesus Christ’s example to help you become a real Servant Leading Servants. Everything included is a compilation of material from GR8 Relationships ( and GR8 Leaders.

Tips on Facilitating This Book

This book is designed to be used in small group discussions with ten or less people. The handout template enclosed gives a consistent approach to use for each lesson. Typically, these small groups will meet weekly. And, it is best for each individual to read the chapter before the meeting and complete Section One and Section Two. An alternative method is to complete the two sections during a short time after or during the group discussion.

During the meeting, it is best for the small group to have a designated facilitator who ensures that questions on the material are discussed by the group. That facilitator may be trained in the material, but if not, can get access to additional material to aid the discussion and understanding of the group.

Before the discussion starts, it is helpful to read each verse in the chapter out loud, without comment. That ensures that the living Word of God is planted in the hearts of the individuals. There is significant power in being “washed with the Word”. Then the facilitator leads a discussion of the chapter. If Section One and Two have been completed prior to discussion, individuals can share their answers during the discussion.

If Section One and Two are completed and shared after discussion, individuals can take notes during the discussion and then use them to complete the two sections. Each chapter has many, many observations and applications that can be made.

After allowing time to share their observations and applications, each individual will write and share their personal prayer with the group. Finally, each individual will answer Section Four and share their personal action plan steps with the group.

A simple agenda for the meeting would be:

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Read all verses in the chapter and any additional applicable verses
  3. Discuss the material
    • If participants have completed Section One and Two, focus on what they discovered and make sure they understand the key truths, principles, and tools.
    • Otherwise, explain and discuss the key truths, principles, and tools
  4. Allow time to complete Section One and Two (if not already completed prior to meeting)
  5. Ask for individuals to share their Section One and Two items with the group
  6. Allow time for each individual to write their Section Three prayer
  7. Each individual shares their prayer by praying it out loud to the group
  8. Allow time for each individual to complete Section Four Personal Action Plan
  9. Each individual shares their plan and steps
  10. Discuss progress from previous plans and steps of earlier chapters
  11. Closing Prayer

Click here to download the front of the book including the table of contents and a portion of chapter 1.


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