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Conflict is not necessarily bad. When you know how to help teams resolve conflict, you increase the productivity and build the resilience of the team. All of that depends on what the leader knows about conflict and how they talk about it.


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Understanding Conflict helps people see that conflict is not necessarily bad. When you help teams resolve conflict, you increase productivity and develop teamwork. That depends on how you as the leader teach conflict though.

Conflict Styles further develops a proper view of conflict. Leaders help resolve conflict by teaching about conflict styles. Each person tends to overuse and underuse some of the 5 styles. Each style is useful and each has its downside. No individual style is better than the others, because each is appropriate for specific situations.

Conflict RESOLVED Essentials provides key points of a process that can be used to help people resolve interpersonal issues. A “recipe card” is provided to help reinforce the 3+3+2 recipe; 3 Critical Principles (Relationships, Future, Freedom), 3 Cardinal Rules (Slow, Talk, Two), and 2 critical skills (Listening, Questions).


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