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This Study Guide is purchased directly from the digital publisher It covers all courses, arranged in 12 chapters, and is a full color 8 1/2 by 11 inch paperback book. There are 313 pages of details that track directly with the online videos. You will need both the Study Guide and the videos to get the most from the program.

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The GR8 Leaders Study Guide provides comprehensive information on “How to Influence People to Peak Performance”. It is arranged by the 4 CAPACITIES described below. The 5th CAPACITY – Communication has one course dedicated to it and is built into all of the coaching programs. The GR8 Leaders Study Guide helps you get the most from the online video coaching.

Results AND People means that you Pursue Results Relentlessly and Value People Constantly. Pursuing results is important, but not when you hurt the people. When you value people you are humble. You listen and ask questions. You communicate clearly. Combine that with your clear vision of where you are going, where you are and what actions are needed. That is a true focus on results as well as the people. Both are required!

Execution Excellence means that you Enable Execution Excellence with Maximum Self-governance. Dedicate yourself to help people perform at their best. That helps them and the organization. If they don’t meet expectations, help them grow. Share the truth and help them create plans to improve. Have a “moment of truth” with them. That helps develop the person and helps the organization. Additionally, you show the people that truth and high performance are very important. But here is a problem! How do you get more done without controlling everyone? The answer is freedom! You increase productivity when you promote freedom, accountability and self-governance. That’s hard to believe unless you understand freedom and control. The Leadership CATALYST System helps you see the huge benefits of freedom.

Teamwork is about how you can Amplify Teamwork and Collaborative Results. You can accomplish more when you can use each person’s strengths. Leading groups and teams requires coaching and facilitating. When you coach to help each person grow, you help the team. And, you coach the team through the 5 team stages and common team mistakes. Finally, since conflict is inevitable, you coach the team to know how to use conflict for development and growth.

Innovation is about how you can Keep Catalyzing Innovation and Change. First, make changes in yourself. Make sure you have the GR8 Leader values before you make any changes to the organization. A foundation of good values helps you make better changes in yourself. Those values also help you not make the 10 fatal flaws and 18 common leader mistakes. But, when you make a mistake, your good values help you correct it. You don’t cover it up or blame others. You are open and vulnerable, willing to learn how to change. Most important, you are an example of learning from mistakes. All of this helps you create skills to be a catalyst or change agent in your organization.


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