Leaders Persevere to the Finish (V1 Course 12 Overview)


...is often very helpful. A smile or laugh is contagious. Unfortunately, so is pessimism. While positive thinking can provide some good benefits, it is not the answer. Non-negative thinking is the better approach. It is about being clear minded about resources, obstacles and opportunities, not trying to 

“positive think” them away, but not letting those things prevent you from moving forward toward your desired results.


...a critical skill for leaders. Distraction is part of all of our lives and worse yet, it is a lifestyle for many. Removing distractions can be difficult, but they can be conquered by segmenting, simplifying, slowing down, and single tasking. Since we do not control our environment, we need to know how to focus when others are creating distractions also.


...or persistence realizes that starting is critical, but finishing is the goal. Persistence is part of the Great Leaders formula because it helps you get THERE. In the last phases of any project leaders need to focus on five key actions – stay connected to the team, communicate clearly and consistently, focus on deliberate action, give everyone freedom to act, and outrun the resistance.

Plan for the Future

...reminds you that THP (THERE, HERE, PATH) is the best approach to getting things done. Use the SOAR Process and/or 5 Questions Strategy Process to help you develop more fully the path that you will take. Finally, if you don't assess your "HERE", your PATH will be less effective and efficient. The Digital Business Analysis worksheets help you identify elements in your business that need to be enhanced or resolved.

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