Two Versions Available

100% of Courses In Store
  • Version 1 provides excellent leadership information as it was created for the needs of a specific client
  • Courses are arranged in 4 sections representing four of the leadership Capacities.
  • There are 3 Courses for each Capacity, but Course 3 is dedicated to developing the 5th Capacity - Communication. And, Communication is woven into all of the courses.
  • Videos will track with Study Guide version v5.2-131201, but is no longer available in the store. Each Course has a PDF version available with the first Unit.
  • This version will be phased out once all of the Version 2 videos and quizzes are available
100% Courses Now In Store
  • Version 2 was created to cover the VALUES of leadership as well as the Capacities. While version 1 had many of the values included, they were not as clearly identified.
  • Leaders QUICKStart is also included to help provide the basics before you start. In fact, it is a prerequisite to any of the other courses. 
  • As stated above, VALUES are clearly highlighted. Greater details are provided for Self-governance, Truth and Freedom
  • More emphasis was placed on providing graphics to help you track with the study guide
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, these videos are higher quality (HD) and the number of quizzes have been increased and made more challenging to help you retain what you view!
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