Leaders Use Emotions Wisely (Course 4 Overview)

Not Emotion LED nor EmotionLESS

... provides critical insight into the way emotions are misused. Great leaders know that emotions are a central part of each individual; therefore, they know the best sequence for three words – Acting, Thinking and Feeling. Leaders are not asked to eliminate or stop using their emotions. When unused, a tremendous asset is ignored. Yet, when emotions lead or dominate, reacting and responding becomes preeminent. When emotions are not leading, GR8 Leaders can more effectively develop people to produce results.

Recognition and Praise

...is simple and free but highly underutilized by many, or maybe most, leaders. Appropriate recognition and praise are outstanding tools for developing, valuing, and even enhancing the productivity of people. Keep this simple guideline in mind – make it True, Specific, and Personal.

Purpose and Emotions

...provide practice for creating an organizational purpose that ties emotions with logic. Purpose that does not engage the emotions becomes only a slogan on the wall. Purpose, strategy and goals will revisit work started in Session 1 to reinforce the ongoing nature of strategic thinking and planning.

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