Leaders Strive for Continuous Improvement (V1 Course 10 Overview)

Leaders Think Strategically

...provides the 5 key elements needed that help changes made today generate desired results tomorrow – Think Systemically, Ask “What If?”, Analyze and Synthesize, Focus / Prioritize, and Adapt.

Leaders Recover from Mistakes

...promotes vulnerability as strength not weakness. Leaders who find ways to prevent or minimize the 10 Flaws and 18 Common Mistakes help themselves and their organization. They become “real” and are likely seen as such by others when appropriately relating mistakes. Being accountable for mistakes, not blaming others, and making plans to change creates a truth structure for the organization that is essential for sustained viability. An effective start for recovery is learning the art of apology – Agree, Acknowledge, Admit, and Announce.

Leaders Get Over the Past

...focuses on a major obstacle to leaders, relationships and organizations. Too often, the past is treated as if it is still with us, but it isn’t. It’s over! When we live in the past it moves us out of reality, stunts growth and prevents positive change.

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