Leaders Communicate with Clarity (V1 Course 3 Overview)

Influence and Persuasion

... will provide insight on how people process information and make decisions. There is a lot of research that shows how much the emotions play in decisions and how certain short cuts in thinking allow us to be more easily influenced than sometimes desired. This is important to help leaders see how to communicate for impact, but not use this information for manipulation.

Clear Thinking

...is imperative for both clear writing and clear speaking. Leaders often miss the opportunity to persuade others, because their thinking is not clear when communicating. Learning and applying some simple ways to structure writing and speaking will help leaders communicate with greater clarity. Part of the structure is learning how to write without having to know all the rules of grammar which makes writing more fun and useful.

Clear Objectives

...help leaders develop the skill of creating goals that are specific, measurable, acceptable, relevant and time-bound (SMART). Second, it helps the group or team create clear goals and actions for themselves. Finally, it helps the leader coach the group or team to clear goals and actions.

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