Coach Others to Excellence Using 4 Secret Ingredients

Coaching others to excellence requires 4 secret ingredients - MOT (Moment of Truth), THP (There, Here, Path), ALA (Act, Learn, Adjust), and Persist. Moment of Truth (MOT) uses the structure of the other 3. 

MOT encourages performance excellence and you dramatically enhance your ability to lead and coach when you use MOT. But, MOT is just one of the 4 secret ingredients.

Coach Others to Excellence Uses 4 Secret Ingredients

MOT - Moment of Truth

When you coach others to excellence you don't manipulate or control them - you share the truth. Using the MOT tool is something every person needs and, especially anyone in a leading or managing position. MOT is not some secret manager tool that only you know how to use. Everyone needs to know MOT. By the way, it is extremely useful at home, as well as at work.


This first step gets you and the other person being on the same page. If both of you do not acknowledge the reality that expectations have not been met, it will make it very difficult to make corrections. 

Step 2: STORY

You get to practice the two most valuable leadership skills  - Listening and Asking Questions. Ask enough questions to analyze the entire situation. You don't need to spend hours on this conversation, though. Most MOTs can be handled in 3 to 5 minutes. But, you do need to ask enough questions to see the sequence of events on how the expectation eventually was missed.

Step 3: PLAN

Once you get the story, then it is time for them to create an action plan. This plan is their agreement to make the necessary corrections. And, be careful, this is their responsibility. As they detail the plan, you listen and ask more questions.


Finally, create a feedback system to be a resource for them. You don't do the work for them, but stay involved to help them do it better next time. In fact, it is good to give them a similar task or goal to achieve so that both of you can practice what you just discovered.

THP - There, Here, Path

THP or HTP (HERE, THERE, PATH) provide the structure to develop a plan. If you want to help someone increase their capacity, they need a clear end result (THERE) to focus on. They need something clear and measurable, so they know when they reach the next level of skill or performance. All of those statements are about THERE, the final destination.

The secret ingredient of THP is most powerful with clarity! But, the current reality (HERE) must also be clear. Without clarity, the PATH of actions is difficult to see and, worse, there is less energy and motivation to act. Go review "Right Process for Right Results" in course 1 - Value Right Results and People to get more details.

ALA - Act, Learn, Adjust

Each one of these secret ingredients can work alone, but when you combine them, they are are even more powerful. When you take the time to help them work through THP, they gain insight into what they want and it enhances their ability to start.

But, the PATH is often difficult, especially when some of the actions don't work. They narrow their focus to that part of the PATH which too often de-energizes them. THP loses it power in those situations.

That means the person no longer sees what they want!

That is where the secret ingredient ALA (Act - Learn - Adjust) helps create forward movement. Each step on the PATH adds or subtracts energy. Without using ALA, actions that don't work can derail and actions that do work aren't used for leverage.

Coaching helps people learn and adjust so that they do not lose focus on THERE. The rally cry becomes "What are you learning?", because that helps energize different and better actions to reach THERE.


Coaching others to excellence requires this last secret ingredient constantly, even though it is the last ingredient on the list. It is easy to see that persistence is needed for those times actions aren't working. But, it is also needed when things are working. Both times can remove focus on THERE. When things are working, it is easier to reduce effort and coast. Then when it stops working, it may be easier to give up. It is best to remain diligent and constantly focused on THERE, acting, learning, and adjusting to reach that end result.

Coaches are extremely helpful when they help people refocus on THERE and re-evaluate if they still want THERE. Remember, commitment is great, but wanting to get THERE is better. When you coach others to excellence you understand the difference and help others understand it also.

Coaching others to excellence uses the power of all of the secret ingredients THP, ALA, and Persist! And, MOT helps you use them consistently.

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