Leaders Catalyze Change (V1 Course 11 Overview)

Being A Catalytic Leader

...reinforces the critical element for leaders about having values and standing on them. Leading change efforts requires discipline, focus and not becoming 

like the people or situation that needs changing. Change tests the character of a leader and whether they are really leading. It’s easy to bow to pressure if you do not have a clear end result and the desire to achieve it.

Helping People Adopt Change

...focuses on what is going on with the people. Leaders need to know the 30-50-20 Principle – they generally face three categories of people in a change effort, resisters, undecided majority and early adopters. Leaders need to know how to deal with each and which to focus their efforts on. Additionally, the ADKAR tool is a good method to assess the Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement of the team related to the change needed.

Using Good Change Processes

...provides some tools and approaches to use when faced with leading a change effort. While there is no guarantee, these checklists and approaches move the odds to your favor.

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