Leadership Assessment

5 Essential CAPACITIES

This exclusive assessment will rate you in 5 essential areas needed for career growth and leadership. Your score gives you a personalized plan, because each section of the GR8 Leaders CATALYST System is focused on a specific capacity. That means you can focus on the videos, information and quizzes you need in order to improve and grow.

The most important element - be objective - so your score provides you the best understanding on where you want to focus your learning. Whatever your score, the GR8 Leaders CATALYST System has information to increase your confidence to lead and improve behaviors that can get you noticed.

1 = Strongly Disagree                          10 = Strongly Agree

1)    I actively pursue and am committed to a foundation of transcendent personal and leadership values
2)    I confidently create and translate business strategy into integrated long and short term objectives
3)    I consistently use coaching, listening, questions, and freedom to enhance organizational results
4)    I systematically drive a sustainable results-oriented culture aligned with purpose, values and strategy
5)    I consistently promote and ensure a safe, disciplined, improvement oriented approach
6)    I regularly demonstrate sound judgment, critical thinking and own the results of my actions
7)    I effectively promote and improve individual and organizational execution capacity
8)    I passionately pursue a culture of freedom, accountability and self-governance
9)    I often establish personal credibility through collaboration, serving, integrity, trust and respect
10)  I consistently develop a highly engaged, winning team and foster accountability to deliver strong performance
11)  I purposefully build organizational capability to reach goals through a dedicated team effort
12)  I continually motivate and inspire a culture of high performance
13)  I confidently demonstrate mental agility, creativity and resiliency
14)  I effectively support change and encourage diversified perspectives
15)  I systematically create linkages across the business to enable change
16)  I passionately enable and foster a dynamic and innovative culture
17)  I regularly express ideas, knowledge and best practices confidently and persuasively
18)  I purposefully cultivate candid, open communications and encourage constructive debate
19)  I constantly open channels of communication and create clarity among all stakeholders
20)  I passionately pursue, promote, and invigorate a compelling vision and common purpose

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