What Is The Most Powerful Leadership Skill?

Most Powerful Leadership Skill

If someone asked you, “What is the most powerful leadership skill”, how would you answer? The answer varies depending upon how people think about leadership.Most of what I have found, people tend to answers that relate to motivating people. Skills like persuasion or casting a vision. Those are valuable skills that are extremely beneficial, but I […]


Enrich Work and Job Satisfaction – 6 Steps

Enrich Work and Job Satisfaction

How much effort does it take to enrich work and job satisfaction for the people in your company or, more importantly, for the people you lead?Recently, I was talking to a person who asked what I did. I told him that I help companies build superior cultures with great leaders which ultimately creates a place […]


LISTEN by Seeing What People Say – 6 Steps

Listen by Seeing What People Say

Great listeners know how to listen by seeing what people say. That sounds strange, but it is true. Robert Fritz teaches people how to see a conversation as if it is a video. Check out his training. It is extremely valuable when you want to understand someone. While the steps below will not give you all […]


Seven Listening Roadblocks You Need to Remove

Seven Listening Roadblocks

Do you want to become a better listener? If so, start with these seven listening roadblocks. Generally, five of the roadblocks are easier to see and correct, but that may not be true of you. It depends on your values and how you have developed so far in your life.  On the other hand, the last […]


Clarity: A Matter of THOUGHT-Talk

… is a matter of Thought, and then Talk. It is a clear mind that gives rise to clear wording. It is almost humorous how the drift in the culture is that we all commonly know something clearly, but can’t find the words to explain it. Sure, maybe with love or the beauty of a […]


2 “Brains” and 2 “Languages”

Your 2 “Brains”… is that really true? The brain is shrouded in mystery, so it’s no wonder a myth persists to suggest that you have multiple brains. Clearly you only have ONE BRAIN and it operates as a united whole. However, we can reasonably speak about different ways the brain works in terms of preferences […]