Powerful Communication Recipes Anyone Can Use

Powerful Communication Recipes

…even if you are an absolute novice. Using powerful communication recipes help you communicate like the pros and not look like a novice. These recipes work for your presentations, emails, letters, speeches or anywhere you want to get your point across persuasively. Below are 3 of the 14 recipes that are available in our popular THOUGHT-Talk System Workshop. What […]


3 Communication Mistakes You Must Avoid

Communication Mistakes

…because they create the opposite of what you want – clear, powerful and persuasive communication. Worse, these communication mistakes derail careers and destroy relationships. You can prevent most, if not all, communication mistakes with the clear principles and tools you can learn in the our popular THOUGHT-Talk System Workshop. You will learn…The Classic Form that provides a clear […]


Underrated Leader Values All GREAT Leaders Have

Underrated Leader Values

… that make the difference between being a GOOD or BAD leader. Leaders that demonstrate the 6 underrated leader values not only do what is best for the organization, they also do what is best for the people and themselves.These are not skills and capacities that leaders need – they are far more important. It […]


6 Work Enriching Principles That Don’t Require Money

6 Work Enriching Principles

… AND, will make your work or the work of the people you lead MORE INTERESTING. Use these 6 work enriching principles and you will target the key elements that influence job satisfaction.Get more details by reading Frederick Herzberg’s excellent work titled “One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?”. It is an article that deserves to […]


10 Fatal Leadership Mistakes You Can Easily Make

10 Fatal Leadership Mistakes

… but you may not even know they are mistakes! These 10 fatal leadership mistakes PROVE you aren’t leading and probably shouldn’t be either.That’s the bad news! The good news – each one of the 10 fatal leadership mistakes can be avoided – most of them avoided rather easily.You may agree that each mistake is […]


A Leadership Secret Ingredient to Get Things Done

…is available to everyone! Wouldn’t you like to improve the probability of getting more things done, enhance your personal growth and advance your career? YES – OF COURSE! AND, what if didn’t require any more self-discipline than you currently have – sound too good to be true? (Cue the infomercial!) Well, the secret ingredient is […]

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